Cabinet of Curiosities anthology released!

My new short story, “The Murder of Crows,” is now available in the Cabinet of Curiosities anthology from Owl Hollow Press!

Before science became so stodgy and provable, doctors, merchants, artists, and collectors of every kind would gather bizarre and compelling items from a wide range of interests and place them on display in curiosity cabinets. These collections took pieces from nature and objects unexplainable within their perimeters of time and knowledge, creating a blend of science and the fantastical. The beautiful and odd. The things that were fascinating or somehow special, even if they didn’t quite have the words or information or understanding to explain them. Cabinets full of wonder and curiosities.

This anthology explores tales of oddities, gadgets, and trinkets, from love stories to science fiction, fantasy, humor, and horror. Join us for a collection of strange objects, brought to life in new and unexpected ways.

My story centers around Julia, a mortician who can see things other people can’t. Her ability draws her into a unique relationship with a local flock of crows.

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